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This is my, mostly empty, personal homepage. Look at all this white space ( ︶︿︶ )

❦ Well, you probably came here looking for something, so here, have some links:

❦ Also, in case you are interested, I occasionally take some photos and you can check out a selection of them in my Instagram feed.

❦ Not satisfied yet? What more can I say? What I do for a living? Yes, I suppose that is a good start.

❦ I'm a Frontend Engineer at Feedzai, where I work on complex single page web applications.

❦ Also, I'm quite a fan of photography, music &... Wait, I shouldn't be disclosing personal information to strangers!

⚆ _ ⚆

❦ Are you trying to guess the answer to my secret question to access one of my accounts‽




❦ You are not going to guess it anyways (random string of gibberish, all of them) so good luck with that.

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